Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to post answers here for your review as we get additional common questions.  Thanks!

  • Can I have you bring back an entire skull for European style mounts? -  We are restricted by on the transport of bringing any skulls which are not 100% free of brain tissue/matter.  For those that are looking for European Mount style skull mounts, these will have to be fully cleaned/prepared in Alaska.  We can refer you to a few taxidermists in multiple towns who can help get these prepared for you!   They offer expedited turnaround which in most cases, will allow the skull to come back on our truck.

  • How 'concrete' is your return delivery route to the lower 48? - We think we're fairly close on our projected route, (click here) although we might modify the route based on densities of customer locations.  While we'd sure like to be able to, our objective isn't doorstep delivery, rather doing our best to get your trophy back within a reasonable driving distance from you at a more affordable price.  Obviously some will be closer than others.

  • Are you familiar with any other means of getting meat/antlers/cape home? - Believe us when we say, "we tried."  Having hunted numerous times in Alaska we've searched and searched.  At the end of the day, the only option we came up with was spending multiple thousands of dollars to have hundreds of pounds of meat sent back (via large freight companies), having capes frozen and sent via overnight delivery (expensive), while getting custom pallets made to ship antlers back which costs dearly.  Additionally,  sending through the large carriers brought us no guarantee of what conditions our meat was shipped in, if anyone was home when they left it at our house or knowing that our trophy was handled as it should be.  In summary, it just wasn't justifiable for us and there was no silver bullet.

  • Please explain the Priority Haul fee.  Does it guarantee delivery of my trophy?​​ -   Our Priority Haul Fee ($150 per person, per animal) is an offering which provides a person priority status of getting their animal on our truck.  This program runs from March 15th through July 31st in 2019, and hunters will receive an email notification from us when it starts.  To be clear, this is not an "above and beyond cost," rather a down payment on your haul fee.  Furthermore, while this does not guarantee a place on the truck (as we have a first come, first served model), it will put you ahead of  those that don't have it.  Simply stated, we want to provide priority to those who are working with us and planning their hunt ahead of time. If a hunter gets an animal, the Priority Haul Fee is deducted from their total balance.  If a hunter gets an animal and are unable to have their animal ready for the truck or  for some reason we are unable to provide space, we will refund the down payment.  If a hunter has the priority haul status and does not get an animal, the fee is not refunded.  

  • How long does the truck remain at the drop off points? -  Generally speaking, we will be at the drop off points for 2 hours if needed.  We will most certainly be posting times and communicating with you regarding the specific times a minimum of 24 hours in advance so you can plan accordingly and make arrangements. 

  • Can I pay for the haul fee with Credit Cards or PayPal? - We have given this a fair amount of consideration and are going to use checks only for the 2019 season.  As we've previously stated, one of our main objectives is to provide this service to you as affordable as possible.  The services fees incurred while leveraging these electronic payment forms are substantial.  Should our customers ask for this capability in the future we would consider, however we would be passing along these associated fees.