We will have a tractor trailer in Alaska in early October to pick up all trophies that you have placed in cold storage facilities.  Trailer temperature will be maintained at near 0 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the duration of the delivery route. 
Please see the 2019 Pickup & Delivery page for the delivery stops in the lower 48 states. Alaska Trophy Express will contact you as far in advance as possible prior to our arrival to your drop off point.  We will strive for a 24 hour minimum notification.  If you personally cannot make it to the delivery point, your spouse or friend will suffice, just ensure they know exactly what they are there to pick up.

For any and all shipments, we will need your name, address and phone number(s) on the Alaska Transfer of Possession Form.  This form needs to be signed by you and must accompany the meat and antlers whether you ship from a remote village to Anchorage, bring it to us personally or should a friend bring it for you.


If you know you will miss your preferred delivery stop, please contact us (714.497.3913) and we will try to hold the truck for you briefly, or meet up in route at the next stop.  In the unforeseen circumstance of a missed delivery, be assured your meat/antlers/cape will remain frozen until (within reason) you can pick it up or you make other arrangements.  If you have made no arrangements for re-delivering by the time the truck returns back to Wisconsin from the delivery run, your moose/caribou/sheep will be donated locally.  We know first hand the value you place on meat and antlers/cape, so do trust that if you accidentally miss your delivery stop, your meat and antlers will still be taken care of while you make other arrangements to get your trophy to you. The trailer will be locked at all times in route.

For those who may have concerns with your trophy going through Canada, there are specific customs requirements the freight transport company need to meet.  This is part of our business and we take care of that to ensure this is done 100% legally.  Canadian customs requires Alaska Trophy Express to post a bond at a rate dependent on value of the entire load.  The meat/antlers/cape are insured for $1.00 per pound, therefore, we will post bond for the value of the load using that rate.  This shipping service is for moose, caribou and sheep meat along with the associated trophies only.  Due to the CITES requirements, we can NOT haul parts of bears, wolves or any marine mammals.

Shipping your meat and antlers from most remote villages into Anchorage can be done by using one of the following cargo services, RAVN, ACE AIR, EVERTS AIR, or NAC AIR. When your trophy is being transported and not in your possession, it must include your signed Alaska Transfer of Possession form along with your meat, antlers and cape.  Be sure to bring a (one) 1 gallon ziploc bag to insert your Transfer of Possession form in and ship it with your antlers and meat.

IMPORTANT: We cannot and will not pick up your trophy if there is not a transfer of possession form with the animal.  Please know this and print these prior to leaving on your trip.


While every effort will be made to pick up and deliver your trophy on time, we cannot be liable for delayed/canceled flights, wildfires in route, road closures, traffic, breakdowns, USA/Canadian customs delays, acts of God, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.  A full week prior to us arriving in AK, the truck driver phone will not work driving through remote Canada, as well as on the return from Alaska.  Use our base number (715.497.3913) and this will ensure that any updates you provide to us while in the field regarding your success will be received. 


We operate on a first come, first served basis and will do our absolute best to accommodate everyone.  We encourage you to keep our number accessible while in the bush so you can call to confirm your spot upon harvest via your satellite phone, or text us via your Garmin InReach.

Thank you and have a great hunt, tag filled or not!  Alaska is an awesome adventure!

Alaska Trophy Express, LLC