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Thanks for your interest in using Alaska Trophy Express.  We have compiled some information below we feel you'll find beneficial.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How 'solid' is the delivery route in the lower 48?  We think we're fairly close on our projected route, (click here) although we might modify the route based on densities and locations of successful hunters.  Our delivery method is not doorstep delivery, but rather doing our best to get your trophy back within a reasonable driving distance from you at a more affordable price.  Obviously some folks will be closer than others to our route.  One thing is for will be shorter than you driving to Alaska!!

  • Please explain the Registration fee?​​  Our Registration Fee ($150 non-refundable per person) provides the hunter a reserved spot on our limited space trucks, and exclusion from the haul fee increase that will occur if we used additional, non pre-contracted trucks. The registration deadline is August 1, 2023 for Caribou hunters and September 1, 2023 for Moose hunters.  To be clear, this is not an "above and beyond cost," rather a down payment on your haul fee.  Simply stated, we want to provide a pricing guarantee to those customers who are working with us, planning their hunt ahead of time.

  • How long does the truck remain at the lower 48 delivery locations?  Generally speaking, we will be at the drop off points for 1 hour if needed.  We will be posting times on our website and facebook pages, and communicating with you regarding the specific times should it vary from the posted timing in advance so you can plan accordingly and make arrangements.  

  • What are my payment method options?  Due to popular request, we incorporated online payment capability. We will also take a check.

  • Does Alaska Trophy Express haul skulls for European style mounts?  Yes, however we are prohibited from transporting any skulls that are not 100% free of brain tissue/matter.  For those that are looking for European Mount style skull mounts, these will have to be fully cleaned/prepared in Alaska.  If we pick up your animal from the cold storage facility and it contains brain matter/tissue, or during the Alaska Fish & Game inspection it is rejected, Alaska Trophy Express will bring the skull to an expediter in Anchorage for processing.  The hunter will be responsible for all associated expediter cleaning, crating and shipping costs in addition to a $150 transportation fee to Alaska Trophy Express to get the skull to the expeditor.

  • Is Alaska Trophy Express familiar with any other means of getting meat/antlers/cape home?   Having hunted numerous times in Alaska, we think we have seen it all and used most methods.  At the end of the day, the only option we came up with was spending multiple thousands of dollars to have hundreds of pounds of meat sent back (via large freight companies), having capes frozen and sent via overnight delivery (expensive), and getting custom pallets made to ship antlers back which costs dearly.  Additionally,  shipping through the large carriers brought us no comfort for the conditions our meat was shipped in, if anyone was home when they left it at our house or knowing that our trophy was handled as it should be.  In summary, it just wasn't justifiable for us and there was no silver bullet.

  • Are the hauling trailers a temperature controlled environment?  Yes, trailer temperature will be maintained at near 0 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the duration of the pickup and delivery process. 

  • When will the delivery occur?  Please see the 'Lower 48 Delivery' page for the delivery stops in the lower 48 states. It typically takes 2-3 days to get the trophies set up for delivery and 2-3 days to get to the Canada/U.S. border.  Alaska Trophy Express will email delivery locations and text each registered hunter with delivery details. Deviations from the posted times will be communicated by the drivers to the customers directly.  If you cannot personally make it to the delivery point at the defined time, send someone capable of handling the heavy items and ensure they know exactly what they are to pick up. 

  • What if I miss my delivery time?  In the unforeseen circumstance of a missed delivery, be assured your meat/antlers/cape will remain frozen until (within reason) you can pick it up or you make other arrangements.  If you have made no arrangements for re-delivering by the time the truck arrives at its last delivery location, your moose/caribou/sheep will be donated locally.  We know first hand the value you place on meat and antlers-horns/cape, so do trust that if for some reason you miss your delivery stop, your meat and antlers will still be taken care of while you make other arrangements to get your trophy. 

  • What happens to the trucks/trailers in Canada?  For those who may have concerns with your trophy going through Canada, there are specific customs requirements/inspections/trailer sealing our freight company must meet.  This is part of our business and we take care  to ensure all regulations are followed. 

  • How do I get my trophy back to Anchorage?  Shipping your meat and antlers from most remote villages into Anchorage can be done by using one of the following cargo services, ACE AIR, EVERTS AIR, or NAC AIR.  Your outfitter should be familiar with which airline services your specific region.

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